Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our Little Santa

My baby afraid...never. I had been anxiously awaiting the Christmas Party at Riddell Plumbing (Scott's customer) as I know they have a Santa there and Hudson would have time to warm up to him! Didn't take him a second to run up to Santa to show him his new cell phone (toy but he doesn't have to know that as he has put my phone, Katie's phone, and his dads phone through the ringer and almost flushed one down the commode!) He was fascinated with Santa! I think he knew they looked alike! Then we had another Christmas party at the Ashley's house Friday evening and he loved his some Stephanie! Shes the little princess driving him in the jeep! He played with the dogs, terrorized their tree, rode in the wagon, and wanted desperately to drive the jeep as his new addiction is steering wheels but he could reach the pedals!

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